About Us

Founded by a UK based group of highly skilled, motivated individuals with a diverse international background and a vast knowledge of the horticultural industry around the world. Badais International is a place that puts, otherwise unreachable, growers in touch with a local UK florist with the aim of providing the best products at unmatchable prices. All farms and growers have been specifically chosen for their quality and reliability and only after much research, personal relations and extensive experience gained over the years.

Badais International requires all farms associated with it to sign up to an exclusive UK membership that guarantees high turnover to suppliers and a lowest possible price to all our customers. Our customers are drawn to not only our quality, but our willingness to continually supply low prices that do not necessarily have to depend on high quantities. Our strategic objective is to develop a supply chain with cost minimisation and high quality of produce that will help support the artisan floral industry. Membership to Badais International is not open to supermarkets, online retailers and wholesalers.




Please feel free to contact us via form or alternatively call our UK sales team to find out more about what we offer.